edition 2014

Joanna Górska (Poland) / You can make heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven

Mariusz Janusz Wolny (Poland)

Mina Bakliza (Serbia) / The key to freedom

Elisabeth Ajtay (Germany / USA) / Only a fearless mind is free

Sasha Pes (Ukraine) / Mature for freedom

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / Building walls separating us from the hostile world, we discover that we are walled up alive,

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / This is the measure of your humanity

Rafał Góralski (Poland)

Joanna Górska (Poland) / We deserve nothing, we must shape our life ourselves

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / If we stick only to numbers, we’ll lose sight of what is incalculable

Joanna Górska (Poland) / Rise up to your inner freedom

Joanna Górska (Poland)