edition 2015

The main prize in the competition “What has real value? Can money buy everything?”: Lex Drewinski (Germany / Poland) - When answering the question asked by the organisers of the Art Moves 2015 competition: What has real value? Can money buy everything?, I focused on two terms: “GOD” and “GOLD”, which seem to be two opposite poles. But is that really so? The message of the work basing on ambiguity which manifests itself in an unstable gradation of values, tilting to one side or the other, should induce recipients to reflections. In my work I used only typography and colour symbolism.

Lex Drewinski (Germany / Poland)

Lucy Pisanava (Canada)

Anita Jaźwiec (Poland)

Magdalena Bogacka (Poland)

Magdalena Bogacka (Poland)

Alicia Medeiros (Portugal)

Marek Tobolewski, Iga Starowiejska (Poland) / Rationing, love 1 pinch, truth 1 grain, luck 1 stroke, common sense 1 ounce, peace 1 moment, family 1 meeting, friendship 1 talk, health 1 prescription, freedom 1 sip, empathy 1 dose, optimism 1 note, time 1 hour, joy 1 smile, good 1 deed, name and surname, address: commune-city-district,

Marek Tobolewski, Iga Starowiejska (Poland)

Aleksandra Leszczyńska (Poland)

Patrick Baumann (Switzerland)

Adam Kurłowicz (Poland)

Desha Nujsongsinn (Germany)