edition 2015

Mariusz Waras (Poland) - In my work I used simple measures. I wanted to show the power of money. A person gets his/her hand caught in the sprocket, the hand is broken and bleeding, but still reaching for money. It turns out it is more precious than health and life. No matter how much time we will lose to get it, we will bend down to pick it up.

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / Bill, Examination of conscience

Susan O’Malley (USA) / Inspirational Posters / Listen to your heart - The artwork of Susan O'Malley (1976 - 2015) is deeply engaged in social practice, participatory exchanges, public art and positive messaging. Often drawn from conversations, the work is generally text-based and takes the form of prints, posters and buttons, large-scale vinyl signage and billboards, as well as interventions, among other media. She was widely recognized as a champion of diversity across culture, gender and age. Her rare generosity of spirit provided a tremendous example for those around her, myself included. O'Malley believed strongly in the importance of things money can't buy - family, friends, love, kindness, patience - and would have taken this year's festival theme very much to heart. She is sorely missed by her many friends all over the world, and will be forever - Christian L. Frock

Susan O’Malley (USA) / Inspirational Posters / You are here awake and alive

Joanna Górska (Poland) / Hieroglyphics, For some people it is easier to read hieroglyphics than to decipher their inner selves

Joanna Górska (Poland)

Joanna Górska (Poland) / A Better Tomorrow / When you wake up in the morning, you wish for a better tomorrow, but you may not live tomorrow.

Adam Niklewicz (USA) / Footwraps - I remember newspapers wrapped around our feet (before putting on top-boots) during harsh winters of my childhood. Those paper footwraps gave extra protection from freezing. Footwraps are made of The Wall Street Journal (a symbol of capitalism). Nevertheless, the newspaper does not serve human rapacity, greed for money or desire to be rich, but basic human need to chase away the cold. So, what is the value of The Wall Street Journal? Does this value lie in the information it conveys or in physical properties of paper?

Jerzy Kosałka (Poland) / Poo of Gold - A Poo of Gold is becoming more and more common in nature. This is a typical product of a person who has had enough of gold. This phenomenon occurs in areas infected with the virus of turbocapitalism.

Monica Fraile Morisson (France) - The artwork is designed with typography because that is my main vocabulary. My answer to this year's topic ‘what has real value’ is that Being prevails on Having. That is why it reads: BE/HAVE. I try to keep only what is necessary to convey the message. For instance, I chose to keep it black and white, because any other color would have added an unnecessary connotation. It was important that the word ‘BE’ was placed on top, or bigger, it needed to be over the word ‘HAVE’. I didn't know how it would turn out until I started working on it, and finally the strong contrast and the negative space for the large ‘BE’ seemed to be conveying the right message. If it puzzles you, and makes you smile as you walk by, then I will be more than happy. Thank you.

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / Language / The language of love! Extinct or universal?

Rafał Góralski (Poland)