edition 2016

Mark Titchner (Great Britain) / Why not now

Joanna Górska (Poland) / Authenticity / Authenticity is to resign from who we should be and accept who we are

Taber Calderon (USA) - Taber Calderon’s graphic art brings attention to challenges and issues from everyday life to global crisis with emphasis on social issues. The images are presented through creative wit and simplicity.

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / Perfect / We weren’t perfect, we aren’t perfect, we won’t be perfect

Rafał Góralski (Poland)

Alain Schibli (Switzerland) / More, more, more until death / “Let’s buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have to impress others who don’t care”. / Marketing.- Since companies are forced by free market economy to sell more and more every year (if you think a company made massive profit this year, just wait for next year!) they must do marketing. Forever and ever. The quote is inspired by the book „Design for the real world“ by Viktor Papanek and his critique on the designer’s job to sell whack products better. I think this can be summarized as „Marketing activities“. In my humble opinion marketing is the base for a lot of pressure in our society: It persuades us to buy more and more to become happy...

Joanna Górska (Poland) / By yourself / We ourselves need to decide how much we are worth, what role we play in the world and what sense we will give to our life

Joanna Górska (Poland)

Lex Drewinski (Germany / Poland) - This work is based on the warning sign of a man running away from flames. The flames are in fact people’s tongues symbolising mobbing, defamation, slander, rumour mongering…

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / Think up / Making up with enemies, ranting at others or inventing oneself anew

Adam Niklewicz (USA) / Over pressure - An artist is himself when making art. To create, one has to be an aesthete, idealist, innocent. It means giving up the many illusions we are tempted by in the world; the illusion of stability, settling safe in society, comfort. To remain oneself, an artist needs to accept the inherent instability of reality (he needs to feel that ‘making art is like jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down’). Only then can he be over pressure.

Nicholas Knight (USA) / “Money / Mouth” - Our language expresses our values, often in subtle ways. This work tries to untie the knot that confuses the relationship between our speech and our productivity. In contemporary society, these two ideas are frequently joined, but my proposal is to separate them again so that we can inhabit our speech without the expectation that it should always be put to use.