edition 2020

Dawid Celek / Poland / PANdemIC

Wei Su / Canada

Joanna Górska (Galeria Rusz) / Poland / Anyone can get infected with pessimism or optimism

Mark Titchner / Great Britain / Please believe these days will pass

Rafał Góralski (Galeria Rusz) / Poland / Which is better: mental storm or mental tranquility?

Alessandro Di Sessa / Italy

Joanna Górska (Galeria Rusz) / Poland / Anxiety, fear, helplessness and doubt are secondary characters who always want to take the leading role.

Taber Calderon / USA

Ying-Hsiu, Chen and Hsiang-Ying, Chen / Taiwan

Rafał Góralski (Galeria Rusz) / Poland / If we have been able to learn to feel extreme anxiety and fear, we can also unlearn it