edition 2019

As part of Art Moves Workshop, the workshops for pre-schoolers entitled “What can we do to make the world a better place?” were held. The children from the Municipal Kindergarten No. 18 in Toruń took part in the workshops organised by Galeria Rusz. The children prepared a few-metre-long colourful picture showing how they can make the world a better and nicer place.

The artistic event entitled “Why am I in this world?” took place on the opening day of the festival. We invited the participants of the exhibition and all the inhabitants of Toruń to think and write down their answers to the question: “Why am I in this world?”. The inhabitants of Toruń actively participated in this action, they wrote down their answers on colourful pieces of paper and put them on the special interactive billboard. Their answers were very diverse and interesting, e.g. to love, live, look for answers to questions, do something nice for themselves and others, inspire, fight against stupidity and many more.