The Billboard Art Competition 2020 “Epidemics – a global catastrophe, a punishment, or a chance to reinvent yourself and the world?” settled!

789 artists from 70 countries entered the contest “Epidemics – a global catastrophe, a punishment, or a chance to reinvent yourself and the world?”. We received 1410 artworks from Russia, India, Uzbekistan, China, Macedonia, Cuba, Italy, Iran and many others!


The jury panel composed of artists and curators, including:

Adam Niklewicz / artysta / North Haven, Connecticut, USA

Mark Titchner / artist / London, Great Britain

Małgorzata Augustyniak / art historian, vice-president AMS SA / Warsaw, Poland

Joanna Górska / artist, curator, Art Moves Festival art director / Toruń, Poland

selected 10 most interesting projects which will be exhibited on billboards during the Art Moves Festival 2020.


Here is the list of honoured artists:

Zoran Georgiev / Germany

Alex Gourinovski / Belarus

Alina Kashitsyna / Greece

Bahram Gharavi Manjili / Iran

Carilla Karahan / Turkey

Erick Ginard & Katherine R. Paz / Cuba

Magdalena Sikora / Poland

Piotr Depta-Kleśta / Poland

Sichen Kong / China

Teresa Orazio / Italy


The jury decided to confer the main award of 5000 PLN to Zoran Georgiev from Germany.

The festival starts on 11th of September 2020.


Congratulation for the winner and the authors of singled out works! Obviously, there have been many more examples worthy of display! We would like to say „Thank you” all artists who submitted their works and invite them for checking up for next year’s topic.

Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2020


Check up for this year’s topic!Epidemics – a global catastrophe, a punishment, or a chance to reinvent yourself and the world?


There is no entry fee. The Competition is open and all artists interested in billboard art are invited to take part. The works should be submitted by the 23 July 2020, 0:00 CET via electronic mail to the address: artmoves(at)

10 most interesting works will be displayed on billboards in the city space during the Art Moves Festival in September / October 2020 in Torun, Poland. The author of the most interesting work will receive the Main Award in the amount of PLN 5.000 (about EUR 1 127, USD 1 278).

Artists are invited to prepare an artwork in response to this year’s competition theme Epidemics – a global catastrophe, a punishment, or a chance to reinvent yourself and the world?

This competition slogan can be treated as a metaphor of all the processes taking place in the world today. The past few months have changed the entire world – societies and countries, families and individual people. The standard rules of reality have been suspended, and we have been hiding in our homes, isolated from others and transfixed with horror. Individuals and whole societies have been overwhelmed by fear, anxiety and trauma. These tough moments and experiences have left an imprint on us, but have they changed us for the better? Is it a permanent or just a temporary change, and will the world be what it used to be? Should we quickly forget about what happened – our experiences and emotions; or maybe on the contrary, should we remember it well, think about it and draw constructive conclusions? Is it a punishment or maybe a chance to reinvent ourselves and the world in a joint global effort? How to use these difficult experiences to build a better world? What can these tough events we have all experienced in different places around the world teach us? Which of these experiences can strengthen us and the culture we live in to better cope with similar challenges in the future?

For more information see the Competition Rules.


Competition Rules                                                                                                                        Entry Form