edition 2016

As part of the Art Moves Workshop, billboard workshops for middle school teenagers and the performance entitled „I am most myself when…” were held. Students from the Siberian Exiles Middle School No. 6 in Toruń took part in the workshops organised by the Rusz Gallery. The teenagers watched the festival exhibition together with the artists. Then, during the workshops, they prepared their own answers to the question „I am most myself when…” and stuck them to the billboard placed at Bulwar Sztuki (the Boulevard of Art), near the Centre of Contemporary Art. Junior high school students feel themselves most when they do something they enjoy: play computer games, sleep, spend time with their friends.

The performance started on the opening day of the Art Moves Festival. Then, for a week, everybody could write their answers to the question „I am most myself when…” on an interactive billboard located on Pl. Rapackiego (Rapacki Square). The inhabitants of Toruń participated actively in the action and a lot of interesting and inspiring words appeared on the billboard: I make decisions in line with my vision, I listen to music, I am with my family and friends, I go for walks, I play the guitar, I look at butterflies.