edition 2017

Mark Titchner (Great Britain) / Another world is possible

Mark Titchner (Great Britain) / Improving the world means improving me. I want a better world. I want a better me.

Mark Titchner (Great Britain) / If it is to be, it is up to me

Joanna Górska (Poland) / The only thing we can do is to be fully engaged and act although we will never be sure of the result

Joanna Górska (Poland) / How to find the courage to change the things we can change, and accept the things we cannot

Sean Hart (France) / Security is a danger

Sean Hart (France) / Fear is a liar

Christine Wong Yap (USA) / Ribbon Texts / Hope for good, allow for even better

Christine Wong Yap (USA) / Ribbon Texts / Take charge of your happiness

WRDSMTH (USA) / Wake up and start to dream

WRDSMTH (USA) / Trying is the only way of knowing

Cheryl Pope (USA) / I notice you when I need you / (Courtesy of the Artist and Monique Meloche Gallery)

Marcos Ramirez ERRE (Mexico) / Eye charts / Nothing will work unless you do (Mya Angelou)

Marcos Ramirez ERRE (Mexico) / Eye charts / We don't see things as they are we see them as we are

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: passiveness, withdrawal, indifference, ignorance

Rafał Góralski (Poland) / We are fully half-heartedly involved