edition 2022

adam_niklewiczAdam Niklewicz

Born in 1956 in Hrubieszów, Poland; lives and works in North Haven, Connecticut, USA

Field of interest: sculpture, installation, video, photography

mark_titchnerMark Titchner

Born in 1973 in Luton, UK; lives and works in London, UK

Field of interest: various

Lex Drewinski (fot. J. Drewinski) CMYKLex Drewinski

Born in 1951 in Szczecin, Poland; lives in Falkensee, Germany; works in Falkensee and Szczecin

Field of interest: Art in the widest sense of the word.

Galeria_RuszJoanna Górska and Rafał Góralski (Galeria Rusz)

Both born in 1973; live and work in Toruń, Poland

Field of interest: public art, “thinking” art for thinking people, performance

Zuo Biao PengZuo Biao Peng

Born in 1976 in Guandong, China; lives and works in Hongkong, China

Field of interest: poster creation, photography, film, art, collection, football, travel

Michal StachaczMichał Stachacz

Born in w 1992, Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland; lives and works in Komorowo, Poland

Field of interest: Poster, illustration, graphic

Alireza NosratiAlireza Nosrati

Born in 1978, Shahrood, Iran; lives and works in Tehran, Iran

Field of interest: Poster, logotype, Cartoon, Mountaineering, Football, Metaphysics, Astrophysics, NDE.

portrait_Wei SuWei Su

Born in 1977 in Beijing, China; lives and works in Toronto, Canada

Field of interest: graphic design, illustration and typography

Burak-SahinBurak Sahin

Born in 1990, lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey

Field of interest: poster design, branding design, packaging design, advertising design


Born in 1982 in Keelung, Taiwan; lives and works in Keelung, Taiwan

Field of interest: City pop, poster design, advertising design


Born in 2000 in Changde City, Hunan Province, China; lives and works in Changde City, Hunan Province, China

Field of interest: design, illustration