edition 2010

584 artists from 61 countries entered the contest „Together or apart?” We received 1108 art works from Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Asia! The jury panel composed of artists and curators, including:

  • Kimberli Meyer / curator, MAK Center director / Los Angeles
  • Maria Filippow / artist, curator, Visionary Images director / Melbourne
  • Mark Titchner / artist / London
  • Rafał Góralski / artist, curator, Art Moves Festival director / Toruń

selected 10 most interesting projects which were exhibited on billboards in the competition component of Art Moves Festival 2010.

  • Jakub Geltner / Czech Republic
  • Lim Sheng Yeong / Malaysia
  • Dorota Kraft / Poland
  • Accidental Artists (Robin Press and Carina Grossmann) / Israel
  • Andrew Willett / Great Britain
  • Antony Ward / France
  • Michał Linow / Poland
  • Deniz Ozuygur / USA
  • Karolina Danuta Kot / Poland
  • Hamid Mosaddegh / Iran

The jury decided to confer the main award of 7000 PLN to Jakub Geltner from the Czech Republic.


Jakub Geltner (Czech Republic) / The main award of the competition

Lim Sheng Yeong (Malaysia) - Together or apart?

Accidental Artists / Robin Press, Carina Grossman (Israel)

Antony Ward (France)

Andrew Willett (Great Britain)

Dorota Kraft (Poland) - INDEPENDENT / DEPENDENT

Hamid Mosaddegh (Iran)

Deniz Ozuygur (USA)

Karolina Danuta Kot (Poland) - Together but away (the big raster dot word RAZEM means TOGETHER)

Michał Linow (Poland) - Together or apart?